Caramel flavour without the bad bits!

Madhuka as a caramel flavouring to icecream

Here at ōForest™, we’re always comparing our delicious Madhūka products to “a naturally sweet caramel flavour” but what do we mean by that? How caramel-like does Madhūka really taste? Can it be used as a caramel alternative or even an enhancement in cooking? These are all great questions and we’re as eager to answer them as you are to ask.

We’d first like to say, that if it’s the texture of the caramel that you love, then Madhūka might not be the right alternative for you. Flavour-wise though? We’ve got you covered.

Caramel alternative

Madhūka as a sugar alternative or caramel flavour in coffeeAre you the type to always ask for a caramel shot in your latte? Or, is your first choice in ice cream a delicious caramel swirl with the little yummy chunks in? Yes? Then Madhūka could be just what you’re searching for!

To enhance their flavour and allow them a longer shelf life, our Madhūka flowers are freshly roasted. Which, alongside the delicious natural sweetness of the flower, adds a nutty burnt-caramel undertone to the taste.

Loose pile of Madhuka nibsThis roasted flower is what’s used in our Madhūka products, mainly in either a Nib or Powder form. The powder is great as an extra sprinkle of flavour, whilst you can sate those flavour cravings with our delicious nibs which can be eaten alone or added as a crunchy flavourful topper to breakfasts and desserts.

Additionally, the Madhūka flower’s naturally high nutritional content combined with its incredible flavour, means that it’s easy to see why making the switch over from regular caramel to Madhūka is a no-brainer.


Caramel, no matter how delicious it is, is really, not all that good for you. Depending on which type is your favourite, it’s usually made from the melting of refined sugar, sometimes with the addition of milk and cream, to get those traditional candy-shop cubes. We all know the effects of eating too much sugar, and we have a great blog which already covers how you can use Madhūka to cut down on your daily intake.

Nibs 225g Back of PouchWe’re not saying that Madhūka is sugar-free. But, it contains natural sugars that are much better for you, alongside a lot of the flower’s natural benefits such as vitamin B3, fibre and an assortment of minerals that slow the absorption of sugar into your body. All-in-all Madhūka is a great way to add a caramel taste to your food whilst cutting back on the bad sugars that regular caramel brings to your diet.

Cooking with Madhūka

Using Madhūka as a caramel alternative in sweet dishes or using it even just to give your cooking a hint of caramel flavour is easy. We’ve got a variety of recipes you can follow which use a range of our products to help scratch that caramel itch!

Madhuka as a flavour enhancer

Bacon Halloumi Bites

Use our delicious Madhūka Nibs to enhance the flavour of these delicious, bite-sized snacks.

Sticky Chicken & Rice

Maximise your eating experience. Use our Mellow Madhūka tea to help flavour the rice and substitute the brown sugar with Madhūka powder for a sweet sticky chicken and rice dish.

Madhuka as a Caramel Alternative


Meringue and cream with Madhuka Nibs

Meringue, Double Cream & Berries

Top off a delicious Meringue dessert with some healthy, yet delicious, Madhūka nibs.



Tahini Cheesecake

Enhance Both cheese and cake with Madhūka, to maximise the flavours in this Middle Eastern Cheesecake.