Easy home baking recipes – Incorporating Madhūka into your baking

Orange and Madhūka Polenta Cake baking recipe image

Of all the seasons of the year to be baking now’s the optimum time for it. With – dare I say – some free time to yourself, to sit around and eat good food. Why not start with some easy home-baking recipes to get you started? We’ve put together a list of our easiest home-baking recipes that you can try for yourself this holiday season. These well-known recipes have been enhanced by our amazing Madhūka products, which adds a new exciting twist to the classics. We’ve ordered them both by difficulty to make and the complexity of ingredients you require – we know how daunting a trip to the shops this time of year can be!Take your pick of these delicious Madhūka-enhanced easy baking recipes, and give the gift of Madhūka this Christmas with ōForests Madhūka starter kit bundle, so others can enjoy baking these recipes too!!

Easy no-bake recipes


We’re starting nice and easy with a Tiramisu, so simple there’s no baking even involved, just a delicious dessert to finish off a hefty Christmas meal. If you’re new to ōForest and the wonderful world of Madhūka, we recommend, that to get the full effect of this meal, you look into our Madhūka starter kit, which provides all the key Madhūka ingredients for this recipe.

Tiramisu dusted with Madhuka powder and nibs

Tahini Cheese Cake

Once again, a simple no-bake recipe that can really up your holiday dinners. With Ginger biscuits as a base and a tahini and Madhūka-enhanced “cheese” this dish I sure to go down well. Need Madhūka? Why not try our Power of the Flower duo pack of Madhūka Nibs and Powder to get you all the ingredients you need for this dessert.

Tahini Madhuka Cheesecake

Intermediate baking recipes

Apple and Sultana Cake

This dish is perfectly formed to complement a hefty dinner. We recommend using the Madhūka “space” teabags as it’s a blend of Madhūka, clove and cinnamon, adding some spice to the cake. But you can just as easily use our 100% Madhūka “earth” blend end bring forth the mellow Madhūka flavours. With a hefty sprinkling of Madhūka nibs over the top, this cake will leave your guests dying to know the secret ingredient!

Madhūka, Apple & Sultana Cake

Lower Sugar Banana Bread

This time of the year leaves everyone conscious about just how many calories they’re consuming. But why wait until the new year to start cutting down? This low-sugar banana bread cuts down on the sugar, using Madhūka so you don’t lose any flavour. In fact, you gain some! Madhūkas caramel-like flavour is spread throughout the bread adding more deliciousness to each bite!

Low Sugar Banana Bread with Madhuka Nibs

Orange Polenta Cake

A light dessert after a heavy dinner might just be what the doctor ordered. This orange polenta cake needs a few more ingredients that are not so often stocked in your cupboards, like orange blossom water, polenta and cardamom pods. But if you can get your hands on these and some delicious Madhūka Nibs, it’s well worth it!

Orange and Madhūka Polenta Cake baking recipe image

We hope you take a chance to experiment with these no-bake and baking recipes! If you enjoy them, please let us know! We’d love to hear back from you all!