Introducing Mahua


Mahua offers a delightful twist to modern-day meals and adds a touch of exotic flavour to our lives. In today’s world, with the world so widely explored and extensive trade routes making it possible to transport goods quickly and efficiently across the world, it is rare to find new and exciting flavours and ingredients to experiment with. Mahua is one of these untapped resources from the Eastern world, so we’d like to take some time and get you acquainted with this amazing product.

The Mahua Tree

Mahua Tree

Mahua is an ancient yet versatile ingredient that has recently gained popularity for its unique qualities. The name Mahua is used to describe mostly the Mahua tree. This tree is located primarily in Southern Asian countries. In India specifically, it’s been used for centuries by the local Indigenous communities for numerous reasons.

Every part of this “tree of life”, as it’s referred to among the local Indigenous communities, is used. Flowers, fruit, leaves, seeds and even the bark can be used in a variety of food dishes and health remedies. The most diverse of these is the flower, which has many different applications.

The Mahua Flower


The Mahua flower, also known as Madhūka or Madhuca longifolia, possesses numerous health benefits, many of which you can read about in our Madhūka flower blog. The best benefit, we believe, is that in addition to all of the health benefits associated with it, roasting the flower unlocks its flavours and transforms it. It takes on a unique nutty, caramel-like flavour and morphs into a versatile ingredient that can be used in many dishes.


Roasting the Mahua Flower is a simple and short process that intensifies the fruit’s natural sweetness and imparts a rich caramelised flavour. The roasted flower can then be crushed, powdered, or used in its whole form in various recipes. Our products are:

madhuka nibsCracked

To make ōForests “nibs” the roasted flowers are then cracked into small pieces. These can be eaten alone as a healthy snack, or added to a food of your choice to enhance it with the flowers natural nutty caramel flavour.

madhuka powderGround

ŌForests Madhūka powder is made from the ground roasted Mahua flowers. This powder can be used to enhance your smoothies or baked cakes.


Blending the roasted flowers with other ingredients can enhance it’s delicious natural flavour and bring other, additional health benefits. The best way to experience this is through ōForests madhūka teas.

Find all of these exciting mahua products now at ōForest! See how you can integrate the mahua tree’s amazing flower into your diet.