Madhuca or Madhūka – What’s the difference?

Madhuca flowrs lying on a net

“What’s the difference between Madhuca and Madhūka?” is a good question, and one we’re commonly asked. The answer to it? Nothing! In fact, this is the same answer as the difference between Mahua, Madhuca, Mahwa and Madhūka. All these are variations of names for the same tree. Some more specifically refer to the flowers and fruit than the whole tree, though, it’s true that they all essentially refer to the same thing.

Mahua TreeThe tree, most commonly known as the mahua tree is an incredibly versatile and ancient ingredient, with almost every part of it able to be used in a variety of food dishes and health remedies. Learn more in our introducing mahua blog.

If we’re getting super specific, the direct English translation for the Mahua tree is “butter tree” – but we prefer to stick to our roots (pun intended).


Madhuca, specifically, is the name given to a genus of plants that are native to Asia. The most popular of these, and what our Madhūka products are made from is the “Madhuca Longifolia“.

Madhuca is a common name for the flower of the mahua tree and is much easier to pronounce and write for non-native speakers. However, Madhūka is the more direct Sanskrit translation of मधुक and therefore a much more accurate representation of this superfood.


Mahua Flower

Similarly to Madhuca, the flowers of the mahua tree can still be called just that “Mahua flowers”. In fact, this is the most common name for the tree and all that derives from it. So why call it something different?

The thing is, the name Mahua is relatively infamous for being the name of a rather potent alcohol brewed by the local tribes, using sweet flowers. These flowers are incredibly versatile and have many different uses, much like the tree itself. Our Madhūka products are produced by drying and roasting the flowers – no fermenting involved whatsoever! So you can rest assured you wont have any unexpected results from consuming them!

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