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ōForest Madhūka Flower Close Up

Discover the magic of Madhuka

ōForest™ is introducing a naturally sweet caramel sprinkle, found in the forests of India, to the world.

Tastier than cacao, better for you than caramel. Madhuka, which is more commonly known as Mahua and means ‘sweet’ in Sanskrit, is the flower of a tree with many health properties.

We believe this ancient, natural and delicious ingredient can transform the food landscape – from breakfasts and desserts, to baking.

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Why choose ōForest™?

We are a small, family-run business driven by a desire to support underprivileged communities. It is important to us to work directly with local farmers and their communities so that we can ensure they receive a fair price for their harvest. What’s more, from every purchase you make, money is reinvested into charitable initiatives that further improve their livelihoods, preserve their culture and protect their sacred forests.

Our Madhuka products are adding a rich, new and previously unknown taste to desserts, breakfasts and bakes for people who care. We cannot wait for you to try them and fall in love with this natural and unique ingredient for yourself.

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