Indian women gathering Madhuka flowers

Madhūka harvesting nets

It has taken us nearly three years to build the strong relationships we have with the tribal communities in India.

As part of this, we have improved and encouraged the use of nets in the harvesting process. These nets result in productivity gains that are four times greater than by using traditional techniques. In addition, the quality of the Madhūka is improved, there is less wastage and the local environment is better protected.

For 2023, over 6,000 nets have been implemented and training programmes initiated to teach local people how to make the most out of this simple but very effective piece of equipment.

All our Madhūka products are sustainably sourced from these tribal communities. With each purchase, money is reinvested into improving their livelihoods.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Hear directly from our local farmers

Sustainably Sourced Madhuka flowers from Indian Farmers

“We are getting a good price by using the nets for Mahua collection and we are very happy to do this work.”

Keshav Netam

ōForest Madhūka Flower Farming Sustainably sourced using nets

“Putting nets on the trees is saving us a lot of time. We [can] take some rest, have meals and complete other work.”

Koppebai Netam

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